The provinces of Iran

The Iranian territory is divided into 31 regions, each region in Iran has its own capital, the province and its cities and villages. Know the surface of the provinces, theirs population, their position Geographic and their climate is the first information that can help you to know better the history, the culture, the tourist attractions of the provinces. They can also be useful in case you should travel to Iran and visit its unique attractions in the world such as its deserts and Kavir, the carvanserragli, its ancient bridges, lakes, mineral water springs, plains, mountains, woods, its seas in particular the Persian Gulf and its habitat and beautiful islands like Kish, Qeshm and Hendurabi.
In each province you will find his own souvenirs and crafts and you could admire her tasty typical cuisine, besides the traditional music of every province that manages to enchant everyone. The traditional lodgings and the best hotels in every province host Italian tourists to let them know the history, language, culture and their parties to turn their holidays into an unforgettable journey.
The Iranian provinces from the point of view of the population are different. The region of Tehran with its capital, which is the capital of Iran with 13 million inhabitants is the most populated region of Iran and the region of Khorasan Razavi and the Isfahan region occupy the second and third place from the point of view of population.

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