Iranian culture

All you should know about Persian Culture will be presented on this page.
On this page you will learn about Iranian Culture, ie Persian Culture in its various nuances from Persian language and literature to Iranian festivals, Capdanno Persiano (Nowruz), the famous Persians, the calendar of cultural events in Iran, Iran's museums, Cultural heritage of Iran included in the UNESCO World Heritage list and cultural affinities between Iran and Italy.

Above all on this page you will be presented the historical aspect of Iranian Culture or Persian Culture as one of the oldest civilizations in the history of the Middle East and the world.
The content of this page consists of letting you know the various aspects of Persian lulling from ancient Persia to contemporary Iran through Iranian art, Persian language and literature, religions, the female presence in Iranian culture, the use and Iranian costume, celebrities and known Iranian characters, freedom in Iran, clothing and veil in Iran and Persian cuisine.

If you have known Iran through the encyclopedias or through the Iranians present in Italy or if you intend to travel to Iran on this site you will know everything you did not know until now and get to know the Iranian culture or the Persian Culture .

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