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Writing the travel diary in Iran, an ancient and at the same time modern country, is part of the tradition of travelers who choose Iran as their tourist destination.
The culture and civilization of ancient Persia and Iran today, the historical attractions of Iran; and the natural attractions of Iran convince travelers to bring together souvenirs, even the travel diary as a precious memory of an unforgettable trip to Iran. Travel journals in Iran have taken their form through great travelers such as Marco Polo along the Silk Road and Pietro della Valle.
We invite Italian travelers traveling to Iran to share their travel experience, their relative advice, places to visit in Iran, the security of traveling in Iran, the costs and prices of travel to Iran, the season and the period best to go to Iran, the best travel agencies in Iran, Persian cuisine, museums in Iran, Iran's historical attractions, Iran's natural attractions in film format, photographs rather than diary in this page.

Monica Scaccabarozzi

Monica Scaccabarozzi

IRAN will find an answer ... beyond the veil ... August 2019 Arrival in Tehran and I am already at home! Quick and easy painless journey! Not so simple travel preparation (at the time ... ...
trip to Tehran

Edoardo Ferrari

TEHRAN IN FOUR ELEMENTS travel diary in Tehran by Edoardo Ferrari Recently returned from Tehran, after six weeks of stay, my first visit returns to my mind ...
travel diary - Iran is a rich country for its cultural heritage

paolo patricians

Iran is a rich country for its cultural heritage Iran is a country rich in cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, ancient traditions and new customs ...
travel stories and journals in Esfahan, by Alessia Bellan

"The Persian Florence" by Alessia Bellan

The beauty of the sublime Iranian architecture. travel stories and diaries in Esfahan, by Alessia bellan Arrive in this wonderful city of central Iran, perhaps after passing by ...
diary of the trip to Iran by Paola Riccitelli - photo exhibition

Paola Riccitelli

My diary of the trip to Iran (for the photo exhibition) I'll be back in Iran for the third time, to participate with the photo exhibition "Peoples and lands of wool" to ...
Mauro Vitale

Mauro Vitale

Sensations from the trip to Iran The journey is my passion, I try to leave whenever I can. I am fascinated by places and especially by peoples ...
Maria Assunta

Maria Assunta

It is my sixth trip to Iran, a country that, since the first time, has hit me strongly; first of all because I am passionate about history, proud of our ancient history, I was visiting ...
Fiammetta Terlizzi

Fiammetta Terlizzi

Diary of my trip to Iran From 3 to 13 May 2017 Italy was Guest of Honor at the XXX International Book Fair of Teheran, a participation strongly supported by the ...
antonio corrado

antonio corrado

Diary of my trip to Iran It is an exercise too difficult to clear all the known and start over again, there is no second "first good impression". To travel ...
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