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Media: IRIB: Radio Television of the Islamic Republic of Iran (radio launch date: 1926 - 1958 television launch date) is the Iranian state television. Because in Iran the radio and private TV is forbidden by the constitution, currently IRIB has a monopoly on the Iranian radio and television market. Always according to the constitution Iranian, the director of this institution is appointed by the Supreme Leader for five years.

National radiophinal emitents; local and international companies are 12, 37, and 3. National, local, and international television channels are 18, 34, and 11.

42 million 500 thousand people in the 2016 use the Internet, the 53,3% of the population living in Iran.

Iranian newspapers (from 1835) are mainly published in Persian, but there are also newspapers in English and other languages.


media and newspapers, IRIB media and newspapers, IRIB

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