Useful Information

Useful Information


Documents required for visa: passport with residual validity of at least 6 months from the date of entry into Iran, with at least 2 consecutive free pages, two passport photos, the relative form, data registration and the required in the site  , payment of the cost of the visa (60 euros), health care insurance.
If you intend to visit Iran for and for a period not exceeding 14 days of stay it is now possible to apply for a visa directly at the airport of arrival, after completing a form and presenting a passport, two passport photos of 3 × 4 cm, return ticket no later than 14 days upon arrival, the documentation confirming the hotel reservation and health care insurance.

It is advisable to obtain a visa before departure by contacting the offices of consulate in Rome and Milan.


They are operated by Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates and various other airlines and by the national airline Iran Air (currently operating only for Milan).


Hands ahead of 2 hours and 30 minutes compared to Italy.


Being an Islamic republic, there are some rules to be respected.

For more information, contact the headquarters of the Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Rome or Milan or at the cultural institute of Iran in Rome.


The official language is Persian.

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is not widespread in secondary cities and in the province; in the main cities, on the other hand, knowledge of English is more widespread.


The official currency is the Rial.

You can change at the bank, but also by money changers at the same exchange as the bank, at the hotel reception.

The international credit cards are not, for the moment, recognized as a means of payment and the foreign currencies most commonly accepted for the exchange rate in Rial are the US dollar, denominated by 100 $ and the Euro.


Voltage at 220 Volt.

Normally the sockets are of European type to 2 poles.


To call Iran from Italy, enter the 0098, followed by the area code without the initial zero and the local number.

To call from Iran in Italy it is necessary to dial the country code for Italy 0039 + the number of the subscriber to call. Iran is connected to the GSM system of mobile phones (roaming) with Italian users with contract (for telephone communications and text messages) and with prepaid cards (only for text messages), but the connection is not guaranteed on a regular basis. It is recommended to check with your Italian telephone operator the possibility - and methods - of using your Italian sim card in Iran.
Generally the free WIFI service is available in hotels in the capital and large cities.

In the main cities of the country it is easy to buy cards (sim card) of Iranian companies for mobile telephony with only telephony service and messages or also valid for navigation, which is recommended to be armed if you undertake trips within the country.


Iran's main cities are served by domestic flights offered by Iran Air.
The railway network is quite extensive and the trains are comfortable, fast and efficient with convenient fares, but coaches remain the most used means of transport for travel and are very comfortable.

Private cars called Savari or collective taxis can transport passengers from one city to another; almost all taxis can also be hired privately.
The most common means of getting around the city is taxi, collective and economic.
Upon arrival at Tehran Airport (Imam Khomeini) there are taxis that have predetermined prices to get to the capital.

Simply contact the kiosk at the exit from the airport and inquire for the cost.


No vaccination is required to enter Iran.


The best places to buy are the bazaars of Teheran, Shiraz and Isfahan.
Many interesting items: silk, Persian rugs, silver objects, embroidered fabrics, ceramic or blown glass objects, enamelled objects or inlaid wood, miniatures.


It is very important to avoid photographing along the border areas and in places where there may be civil and military government installations, embassies, telephone offices or police stations.

We recommend respect and sensitivity in photographing the local population and it is advisable to ask their permission to avoid discussions, especially if it is women.


Police: 110 (has operators also in English).
Emergency doctor: 115.
Firemen: 125.
Road accidents: 197.
Phone directory: 118.
Ready taxi: 133.
State Railways: 139.
Weather service: 134.
Road network: 141.
Night Pharmacies: 191.
Reservation of international calls: 195.
Flight information: 199.
Tehran International Airport (Imam Khomeini): 51001.
Iran Air: 9113333.
Information for foreign currency: 60992828.

urgently the 09121035062 mobile phone (for calls from Iran).

Roadside assistance 021 6671 0710 / 4 (24 h).

Embassy of the Italian Republic in Tehran 0098-21-66726955 / 6

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