Information for traveling to Iran


documents, climate, health, safety, and more for tourism in Iran
Travel anxiety in Iran ?
You have never asked yourself because and how I have to travel to Iran ?
It will be a safe journey ? That papers I have to prepare before and during the trip ?
How do I owe myself? to dress in Iran? What I need to know to travel to Iran ?
What can I do? to eat in Iran? Where can I sleep? ?
What are the hotels vouchers with modest prices in Iran ?
The veil for women in Iran how it must be respected ?
What are the regulations for women's clothing in Iran ?
What does the Veil or the veil ?
What are the delivery times? luoghi to visit in Iran ?
What are the major attractions to see in Iran ?
What can I buy in Iran for friends and for me as a memory ?
How should I take it? visa to enter Iran ? But in short, a trip to Iran as much as it can cost me ?

Then get comfortable, we'll give you the answers to every question that comes to mind.

Iran It is a safe country for tourists

Iran is a safe country for tourists both for those who decide to take an individual trip as well as those traveling in groups, and for women rather than children and men.

Tourists in Iran both women and men can travel safely even on nocturnal journeys.

The travel experience of thousands of travelers who have traveled to Iran is the testimony that confirms Iran, is a safe country for travelers who choose Iran as their destination.

Internal movements

Inside Iran you can easily move from one city to another by plane, train, bus or taxi with your own car or by bike or by bike even on foot

IRAN , thing to see?

If you are looking to make an unforgettable journey, a dive into the past in a country that enjoys an inestimable heritage of culture and civilization, the land of a thousand and one nights, the Silk Road, Persepolis and Pasargade and the Kingdom of Cyrus the Great and Dario, we advise you to choose Iran.

Isfahan with its huge square Naghsh and Jahan, the Grand Mosque, the swinging Minarets, Bazaar, Ali Qapu Royal Palace, the city of Yazd with its wind-catch towers and the Temple of Fire, the Qanat, the city of Shiraz with the tomb of Cyrus the Great and Darius and its marvelous gardens, the city of Teheran with the museum of royal jewels, magnificent Royal palaces and the marvelous islands in the Persian Gulf with their untouched nature, the deserts of Iran with their Starlit nights calls you for a safe trip, with lower and lower costs in a peaceful atmosphere.

You can admire the magnificent Persian architecture and visit the sites that are recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, not to mention Persian crafts such as carpets and artifacts that surprise every visitor with their beauty and refinement.

IRAN , the land of four seasons

Iran is the land of four seasons. The south of Iran offers you a summer climate even in winter while in the north it keeps snow even in summer.


The hospitality of the Iranian people

You can have unobtainable hospitality with the nomads by living in their tents and grazing crude oil with them. We advise you to take a trip to Iran far from any media prejudice and enjoy a close coexistence between tradition and modernity, taste the rich and varied Persian cuisine together with its best caviar in the world or simply drink a delicious tea.


On your return from Iran there remains a beautiful memory of an unforgettable experience.
It is said to return to Rome, launches a coin in the Trevi Fountain but we assure you that it is not enough just once to visit Iran. A trip to this land is enough to become in love with Iran.
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