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Bushehr region      | ♦ Capital: Buhsher   | ♦ Surface: 23 168 km²  | ♦ Inhabitants: 66 490 (2006)
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Geographic context

The Bushehr region, located in the south-west of Iran, is one of the most southern areas of the country. With its 625 km of maritime border it is the region that has the most extended border with the blue waters of the Persian Gulf. The capital of the region is the port city of Bushehr and the other important inhabited centers are: Ahram, Borazjan, Deyr, Deylam, Kangan, Gonaveh and Khormoj. This region has two geographical zones, one is flat while the other is mountainous.


The climate of the region in the strip adjacent to the sea is hot-humid, while the inland areas belong to the desert environment, ie hot-dry.

History and culture

The earliest attestations regarding the sedentariness in the territories of Bushehr date back to the age of the Elamites and other Mesopotamian civilizations. Being an area suitable for founding ports and maritime bases, the Elamite rulers used the area of ​​Bushehr for a long time. In the period of the Medes, at the beginning of the eighth century a. C., the region was part of the south-western territories of their empire and represented the fourteenth satrapy during the reign of Hukhshatre. In the past, Bushehr was called by several names: Liyan, Reyshahr, Rashahr, Entakiye, Bandar-e Naderi or Abu Shahr. The Persian Gulf and the Bushehr region, for the reason of their geographical position and economic importance, have always attracted the attention of many nations and governments in the course of history both for the diffusion of their goods and for the expansion of its political power.

Local cuisine

Given the proximity to the sea and abundant fishing, most of the traditional dishes of this region are based on fish, shrimp and other seafood, while the food of the inland inhabitants are based on wheat and dairy products. Qaliye Mahi, Tandaz Mahi, Gemne or Lelek and Reshte are the names of some typical dishes of the regional cuisine of Bushehr.

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