Garden of Fin

garden of Fin

The garden of Fin (Bagh-e Fin) is located 6 km south of the city of Kashan, near the village of Fin. The current garden complex was built in the era Safavid above some buildings from the Buyidi period (X-XI century). This garden has also become famous due to the murder of Amir Kabir which took place in the 1852 in the small hammam that is inside it.
The garden complex combines architectural features of the Safavid, Zand and Qajar periods. The garden of Fin, thanks to the abundance of the Soleymanie spring, is one of the few traditional Iranian gardens that has remained constantly alive for hundreds of years. The water, among gushing water jets, flows into the ponds and streams of the garden of Fin and, after crossing the verdant paths of the garden, reaches the village of Fin where it irrigates the districts full of gardens of figs and pomegranates.
The complex of buildings of this garden includes: the entrance portal, the ramparts and the towers, the central pavilion "Shotor Galu" from the Safavid period in the middle of the garden, the pavilion of Fath Ali Shah, the room "Shah Neshin" in the part south-east of the Garden, the museum in the west, the small and large hammam and the library in the eastern part.
Shah Abbas's "Shotor Galu" consists of a two-story covered building that is located roughly in the center of the garden in front of the large entrance portal. Inside there is a beautiful pool with running water and you can still admire the beautiful paintings on the walls of the building.
Among the other buildings in the garden is the Fathali Shah pavilion whose construction was completed in 1811. Inside you can see very beautiful painted rooms and stucco inscriptions in calligraphy nasta'liq.
Over time, several Iranian rulers, Shah Safi, Shah Soleyman, Shah Tahmasp, Shah Abbas, Kharim Khan Zand and Fath Ali Shah respectively, have had restorations or additions to the garden buildings. In the fifties of the twentieth century, the Office for the Conservation of Antiquities restored the complex of buildings in the garden of Fin, which from the 1935 are inscribed on the Heritage list of historical monuments of Iran.
From the 2011 the garden of Fin has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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