Kashan is one of the ancient cities of Iran. Based on the research of the archeologists at Tappe-ye Sialk, located 4 km west of Kashan, this area has been recognized as one of the first centers of prehistoric civilization and settlement. Kashan in the Sassanid era was a thriving region. Even in the Islamic period it was one of the renowned cities of the "Iraq Ajam" (historical name of the central western region of Iran).
Kashan has always been one of the important centers for followers of the Shiite confession. For this reason in the Safavid period, due to the interest of this dynasty for the Shiism, the city has developed a lot. Shah Abbas II ascended the throne in this city.
Among the important historical monuments of Kashan is Tappe-ye Sialk to the south-west of the city. The local architecture of Kashan is particular and very interesting. Kashan preserves several monuments and historical buildings.

Attractions of Kashan

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