The city of Marāgheh is located next to the Sofichāy river and the southern slopes of Mount Sahand (western Azerbaijan region) and dates back to the pre-Islamic period; however the centuries from the twelfth to the fourteenth coincide with the phase of its growth and flowering, a city that is famous as a garden city and a city of astronomy.

Marāgheh, from the point of view of the rich historical and cultural context, is considered among the 10 important cities of the country with over 300 works recorded nationally, and below we mention a few:

-The observatory, which is located north-west of the city and was founded by Khāje Nasreddin Tusi

-Gonbad-e Ghaffāryeh, a square-shaped building built during the reign of the Ilkhanids

-The Mehr temple, a place of underground and rock worship, where rituals were held related to the cult of Mithras, belonging to the Parthian period, including the cemetery, the temple and an archaeological site

-Gonbad-e Sorkh, one of the most beautiful examples of brick buildings in Iran

- Ohadi di Marāghe Mausoleum, burial place of Rakn Al-Din Abulhassan Marāghi, known as Ohadi Marāghei, renowned mystic and poet of the Ilkhanid era of the seventh and eighth centuries, author of the famous Masnavi Jām-e Jam. Even now the ilkhanide museum of Marāghe is active in the area of ​​the mausoleum.

-Circular tower, circular building, of its dome and its roof nothing is left (next to the Gonbad-e Kabud).

-Torre or Gonbad-e Kabud (known as the sepulcher of the mother of Hulāku), a prism shaped building with ten sides with inscriptions engraved on the building containing Koranic verses.

- Example Āghālār (museum of rock painting), four-sided brick building on the tomb of "Mir Abdalfatāh Marāghi" a famous mystic and poet of the Zand dynasty era

-The church of San Giovanni, the only Armenian Catholic church in Marāgheh

-Other historical evidence and places to visit: Jamāl Ābād fortress hill, the site of Su'adli castle and the museum of rock painting, Qeyzlār Qal'esi, Alaviān dam, Sheikh Bābā Friday mosque, thermal baths and springs natural sites of Marāgheh, the ancient Malārostam mosque, the Kabutar cave (Hāmpu'il), the Marāgheh icebox, the sundial etc ...

Marāgheh has very well-known souvenirs such as: traditional soap, bāsluq and sajuq (walnut-based sweets), carpets and paintings of silk carpets, red apples, a type of walnuts and almonds, raisins, natural Sahand honey , grape syrup, cheese and sarshir (clotted cream).

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