Museum of the city of Marāgheh

Museum of the city of Marāgheh

The Marāgheh museum is located in the city of the same name (eastern Azerbaijan region), was founded in the year 1363 of the solar Hegira and in 1375 began its activity as a museum specializing in the Ilkhanid era.

The building that hosts it for being next to the mausoleum of Ohadi Marāghei (well-known poet of the seventh and early eighth century of the Lunar Egira), was built in the traditional architectural style and became known by its name .

The works exhibited in this museum date back to the first millennium BC and to the epochs of the Parthians and the Sassanids and are on display in separate sections:

- Terracotta section

In this part precious works in terracotta are preserved relating to the remains of the historical center of the city of Marāgheh, the surrounding areas and other museums of the country which include: bowls, plates, glasses and types of decorative crockery in whose decoration was made use of drawings geometric, flowers and leaves iSlim, animals, human images, epigraphs and the combination of them.

-Section of coins

In this part there is a collection of various types of gold coins (for parties), silver (for trade and traders), and copper (for daily exchange) with various designs and calligraphy with contents of different beliefs including the design of the Christian cross, the Jewish star of David and the lion and the sun of pre-Islamic Iran.

- Glass section

In this part are preserved various types of glass works made with different methods such as: free blowing, blowing in the mold (stamping) the carving, the figures added in the forms of the carafe, the stalactite, the bottle, containers to store the medicines etc ..

-Section of the iron

In this part are preserved metal works such as: swords, cooking vessels, oil lamps and candlesticks decorated with the technique of engraving and casting.

- Selection of books

In this part are preserved works written as: pages of precious Korans by Yaqut al-Musta'simi, examples of Korans with golden decorations etc.

The location of the mausoleum of Ohadi Marāghei in the interior of this museum has made it a gathering place for lovers of poetry and literature and the museum itself is also available as a source of study and research for scholars and visitors.

In the city of Marāgheh there is also the museum of rock paintings where works such as: cribs, chest and bed, mouflons in stone and stones with ornamental and geometric designs are exhibited ..

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