Ommolkorm Island and Nakhilu Island

Island Ommolkorm / Gorm / Ommolgorom and Nakhilu Island

The island Ommolkorm, Ommolgorom or Gorm is located in the area of ​​the province of Deyr (Bushehr region) in the Persian Gulf. This semi-circular island whose surface is covered by thin and velvety sand with remains of shells, at the premises is known as Gorm.

The reason for this is also the presence of Avicennia marina trees (species of mangrove) - in the local language "gorm" - in the opposite coast. The original name of the island was Gorm which from Arab sailors in the Arabic language has changed into Ommolgorom.

The distance between this non-habitable island with hot and humid climate and the Nakhilu island is between 5 and 8 km. The latter has sand dunes and halophyte plants and is the habitat of local birds such as the Larus, the gray heron, the Falacrocoracide, the Dromas ardeola and migratory birds that spend the winter there.

Fishermen use this island as a base for fishing.


Nakhilu Island

The island of Nakhilu is located in the area of ​​the Deyr province (Bushehr region) in the Persian Gulf. The origin of this non-habitable island, which is located one and a half meters above sea level, is coral and is almost oval in shape and covered with halophyte plants.

It is frequented by chlidonias hybridu, by the fast small and large tapered capar (thalasseus bergii), by a species of eagles' seals and by the capellaccia. The island of Nakhilu is currently mainly the habitat of the turtles of the Persian Gulf and one of the rarest islands in the world and without equal in the Middle East for the reproduction of marine migratory birds.

In a part of it there is a small concentration of Avicennia marina forests. This is a beautiful evergreen plant that can live in the water of the sea and its environment is the ideal place for spawning of fish and marine molluscs.

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