Baladeh Castle

Baladeh castle

The Baladeh castle or Pulād o Nur castle is located in the Baladeh district of the city of Nur (Māzandarān region) and dates back to the time of the Seljuks.

This historical fortress, which was open and inhabited until the Safavid period, was built on a mountain and all the parts contain a set of local government, from the entrance door to the stable and to the surveillance rooms and guard posts.

The building of the castle consists of three main parts and is surrounded by a rampart and in every side the numerous towers and water tanks are visible to the eye. Inside there are huge architectural structures of adobe of which at present, except for a half-destroyed arch and a heap of earth, no trace remains. The magnificence, solemnity and grandeur of the building was evident in the years in which it was inhabited.

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