Tower Se Gonbad

Tower Se Gonbad

The Se Gonbad tower is located in the historic center of the city of Orumyeh (western Azerbaijan region). This building, which was a mausoleum, was built in the year 580 of the lunar Hegira, at the time of the Seljuk.

With a height of 13 meters and a diameter of 5, it was built with stone and brick in a cylindrical and spherical two-storey form (the first being the crypt with an arched roof and the second the sepulcher room).

At the entrance of the building there are three stone inscriptions in kufic characters and in the final part of the inscription there is the date of the month of Moharram of the year 580 of the lunar Hegira.

The lower parts of this tower up to a height of about 6,3 meters are covered with smooth gray stones and the rest of the building is made of four-sided bricks.

The decorations of the entrance portal to the sepulcher are unique in their kind and consist of small pieces of stone and stucco with geometric images and an inscription in Kufic calligraphy.

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