BOOK OF KINGS (Shah - Nameh)
BOOK OF KINGS - (Shah - Nameh)
Original title: شاهنامه
Author: FERDOUSI Abu-'l Qâsim Mansûr
Preface: Majid Karshenas
Original language: Persian
Translator: Maria Fazia Mascheroni
Publisher: Semar
Year of publication: 2003
Number of pages: 3 vol., Pp. 708 (C + 140, 312, 156)
ISBN: 8877780290
It is the Persian epic from the creation of the world to the conquest of Iran on the Arab side. The heroic and legendary vicissitudes, the vicissitudes, the battles and the loves of the Iranian kings and heroes in their age-old war against the Turans and the demons of Ahriman. The eternal struggle between Good and Evil that everyone must take part in with works and weapons.

Hakīm Abol-Ghāsem Ferdowsī Tūsī (Persian: حکیم ابوالقاسم فردوسی توسی), more commonly transliterated as Ferdowsi or Firdowsi also known as Firdusi, (935-1020), is perhaps the most revered Persian poet, author of the Shahnameh, the national epic of king of Persia (Iran).

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