I speak Persian
I speak Persian
Original title:
Author: Faezeh Mardani
Original language:
Year of publication: 2003
Number of pages: 207
ISBN: 8869874133

Phrasebooks to understand and be understood at all times: during the journey, on means of transport, in the search for accommodation, in hotels, at campsites, in restaurants, in shops, in department stores; while doing tourism or sports, to have fun, visit cities and monuments; to introduce yourself, get acquainted, call; in the bank, in the post office, in work situations; When special facilities are needed; at the embassy, ​​at the police station, at the police station, at the doctor's office, in difficulties and unforeseen events ... Useful information on uses, habits, services; numbers, weights and measures; acronyms and abbreviations; signals and warnings; proverbs and idioms. In addition, a brief grammatical compendium.

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