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A virtual trip to Iran

IRAN, a country to discover

The Iranian territory is divided into 31 regions. Knowing the provinces, their population, their geographical position and their climate are the first information that can help you to learn more about the history, culture and tourist attractions of the provinces.
In each province you will find its own souvenirs and crafts and you could admire its typical tasty cuisine, besides the traditional music of every province that manages to enchant everyone to turn a holiday into an unforgettable journey.

Our Persian language course and student testimonials

Persian language

The Cultural Institute of Iran in Rome, as part of its cultural and educational activities, promotes the Persian language course. The course aims to introduce one of the main languages ​​of Central and Western Asia whose great importance is linked to its extraordinary historical-cultural tradition. The course is held by the mother tongue teacher or the university teacher and takes place only on the day Saturday at the headquarters of the Institute in Rome in via Maria Pezzè Pascolato, 9.

Discover the beauty of Persian Music

Persian music

Throughout history, Iran has always given particular importance to traditional music and the design of musical instruments, many of which are the prototype of modern ones. The earliest documents found at archaeological sites describe Persian music, a vibrant musical culture since ancient times.
Evidence of excavation, allow to detect that the music practiced today in Iran has its roots since the times of the Elamite Empire (2500 BC)

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