Nāser Khosro (1004-1088)

Nāser Khosrow Qabādiāni

Abu Mo'in Nāser Ben Khosrow Ben Hares Qabādiān Balkhi, known as Nāser Khosrow, was born in 1004 in Qabādiān, Marv. He is considered one of the top poets and writers of Persian literature, philosopher, scholar, and great traveler.
He was an expert in most of the sciences of the intellect and of the narrative of his time, including philosophy, mathematics, geometry, medicine, music, painting, oratory, astronomy and theosophy.
In his poems he continually emphasized his versatility in the sciences. Nāser Khosrow together with Hafez and Rudaki it is one of the three poets who memorized the Koran and used it as confirmation of their theories and ideas.
He who was in search of the source of truth, discussed with followers of different religions such as Muslims, the Zoroastrians, the Christians, the Jews, the mannequins and questioned the religious leaders on the truth of existence.
During seven years of travel in various countries he left his story in Safar nāme (The travel book). Of Nāser Khosrow we have many publications and compositions, some of his works are: the already mentioned "Safar nāme", "Divān-e ash'ār-e Farsi, Canzoniere of Persian poems," Divān-e ash'ār-e arabi " , Canzoniere of Arabic poetry, "Zaād al-Musāferin (on Ismailite beliefs)" Wajh-i-Din "(The face of religion)," Sa'dat nāme "The book of happiness," Rowshanāi nāme "The book of light, "Gāshāyesh va Rahāyash" (The Book of Dissolution and Liberation), Kitab jāmi al-hikmatayn (Compendium of the Two Wisdom), etc.
The works of Naser Khosrow have been translated into several languages ​​including Italian such as:
Naser-e Khosrow, The Book of Dissolution and Liberation, edited by P. Filippani-Ronconi, Oriental University Institute, Naples 1959
Naser-e Khosrow, The Book of Light, edited by C. Saccone, in "Studia Patavina. Journal of religious sciences ", 37 (1990) 3; The Book of Light (Rowhana'i-name), edited by C. Saccone, Essad Bey Center, Padua 2015 (ebook Amazon -Kindle Edition)
Naser-e Khosrow, Il viaggio, edited by A. Magi, in Quaderni dell'Ist. Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Iran in Italy ", 2 (1991)
The Nāser Khosrow street is one of the oldest in Tehrān, some universities in Iran and abroad were founded in its name and statues that portray it in their homeland and in other countries and on this famous Iranian poet until today there were also numerous national and international seminars and congresses. He died between 1072 and 1088 near Yemagān, near Badakhshān where his mausoleum is located.



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