Zurkhaneh arrives in Pescara

Zurkhaneh arrives in Pescara

Zurkhaneh, intangible heritage of humanity for the first time Pescara.

Zur Khaneh means "The House of Strength", it is also known as "Sport of the Ancients", it is a traditional gymnastics and wrestling discipline from Persia (Iran), originally born as a physical education academy for military purposes.
In Italy also with the name of zorkana (Zurkhaneh), a name that more closely indicates the place, the gym where physical exercises are performed.
The "zorkana" combines elements of pre-Islamic culture with the spirituality of Sufism. To the "athletes" purity of mind, sincerity and temperance are required, only afterwards does physical strength come. The principle of modesty is exemplified by the verses that are recited at each meeting.

For the first time the city of Pescara hosts the great Zurkhaneh event with the patronage of the Abruzzo Region, the Abruzzo Regional Council and the Municipality of Pescara at the prestigious Aurum di Pescara headquarters

Cultural Institute of Iran in Rome, International Association of Studies on the Mediterranean or the East (ISMEO) in collaboration with the Abruzzo Region and the Municipality of Rome invite the SV to the performances of Zurkhaneh which will be held at Piazzale Michelucci (Ex Aurum) Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 starting at 18.


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