The second edition of the "URBAN ART UNITES" Project in Tehran.

The November 28 was presented, at the residence of the Ambassador of Italy in Tehran, the second edition of the "URBAN ART UNITES" project which featured two young and talented artists: the Italian Emmeu and the Iranian Kazz. Launched by the 26 Embassy last September with the exhibition of paintings by Paolo Bordino (stage name PAO) and the Iranian Mehdi Ghadyanloo, the project - which lasts one year - provides for two street artists, one Italian and one one Iranian, they realize and expose for two months on the external façade of the residence of the Ambassador two of their works that will come subsequently replaced from the realizations of other two new artists.

On the occasion of the inaugural event in which numerous representatives of the Iranian artistic and cultural community took part, as well as of the local civil society, Ambassador Perrone declared “the Italian Residence in Tehran hosts two new works created together by two artists, one Italian and one Iranian, who wanted to send a message of peace and friendship through their extraordinary artistic inspiration ".

"URBAN ART UNITES", created thanks to the collaboration of some Iranian art galleries, the Nuova Pesa gallery and the "Kill the Pig" association in Rome, pursues a dual objective. On the one hand, to strengthen the cultural ties between Italy and Iran by activating creative collaborations and artistic exchanges in a sector with a strong innovative charge in terms of expressive language. On the other hand, to increase the social awareness of the importance of art and the decorum of urban centers, thus increasing - through a universally accessible and usable art - the collective well-being of urban communities.

Source: Italian Embassy in Tehran

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