Travel in the 270 ° direction
Travel in the 270 ° direction
Original title: سفر به گرای 270 درجه
Author: Ahmad Dehqān
Preface: Simone Cristoforetti
Original language: Persian
Translator: Michele Marelli
Publisher: Mimesis / Jouvence
Year of publication: 2018
Number of pages: 276
Iran. In a cold winter between 1986 and 1987 - the seventh of a grueling and bloody conflict with neighboring Iraq, ruled by Saddam Husseyn - the adolescent Nāser leads a quiet existence, torn between study and family. Yet despite his tender age, Nāser is a veteran expert. Not a few months have passed since he was wounded at the front, Nāser turned his back on the conflict. One day, however, the young man receives a telegram addressed to him by his old comrades. Something big, in the forefront, seems to be imminent. Tormented by the memory of the last operation and eager to see his former companions, Nāser once again leaves the books and the family to go to the front. The young man ignores the scope of the challenge to which destiny has submitted him. The Iranian forces are preparing to penetrate Iraqi soil in order to besiege the city of Basra, in what will be remembered as "Operation Karbalā-5". Considered one of the bloodiest battles of the twentieth century, Operation Karbalā-5 will represent for Nāser, once again descended to the underworld, the opportunity to reach maturity and awareness so much desired. A universal story, here declined in an unknown or forgotten form: that of the greatest conflict in the history of the Middle East

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