Trends in contemporary architecture in Iran

Kamran Afshar Naderi presents the new Iranian architecture.

A series of initiatives organized by the Order of Architects and the House of Architecture of Rome and the Province on the occasion of the celebrations of Nowruz, Persian New Year also includes a conference that deals with the subject "The Trends in Contemporary Iranian Architecture".

As part of the "I Mestieri dell'Architetto" series of conferences promised by the Faculty of Architecture, Sapienze, the research of a young generation of Iranian architects, which was formed in the schools of architecture mostly after the 1979 revolution, will be illustrated through I look forward to Kamran Afshar Naderi, co-founder of Memar, one of the most prestigious Iranian architecture magazines.

A generation in search of strategies, methods and languages ​​able to reinterpret the extraordinary heritage of Persian historical architecture in a contemporary key, without falling into nostalgic or folkloristic formulas.

Thursday March 28 2019

14 hours: 30 - 18: 30

Aula Magna, Faculty of Architecture

Sapienza University of Rome

Via Gramsci, 53



14 hours: 15 Registration of participants

14: 40 Institutional greetings

15: 00 introduction

15: 45 Trends in contemporary architecture in Iran, <Kamran Afshar Naderi

17: 45 Pause

18: 00 Debate

18: 45 Registration Check Out

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