Treaty of rights
Treaty of rights - Risalat al-huquq
Original title: (رساله حقوق امام سجاد (ع
Author: al-Abidin Zayn
Preface: the William C. Chittick
Original language:
Translator: F. Donati
Publisher: Irfan Editori
Year of publication: 2010
Number of pages: 64
ISBN: 8890296690

Although in the present context the best translation of the term "haqq" is straight, it has several closely related meanings to keep in mind, such as suitability, justice, truth, reality, correctness, necessity, duty, obligation, duty and obedience. A look at the Treaty of rights will quickly show that the word rights could be better translated as duties, obligations or responsibilities, since the treaty does not directly concern the rights of the individual, but rather the rights of others that the individual must observe. However, I think it is important to maintain the term rights, even if only to highlight that in considering human rights mainly in terms of responsibility, Islam diverges profoundly from most of the conceptions typical of the modern West, and instead boasts deep affinities with other religious traditions of the East and of the West.

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