Why visit Iran

Why visit Iran?

In recent years Iran with its historical, artistic and cultural heritage has become the most popular destination for tourists, especially Italian tourists who, in search of the roots of their civilization, choose Iran as their destination for their travels. By virtue of this strong increase to know a still unknown country, we decided to give answers to the most frequent questions that a traveler could ask himself before departure. We all know that every country has its customs and its regulations so it would be ideal to get an idea of ​​the customs and the rules before leaving.

To visit the country how many days can it suffice?

There are so many things to see in Iran.
Two weeks is just enough time to get a taste of the things Iran has to see.

In two weeks what can you see in Iran?

Here is a list of what you absolutely can not miss on a 15 day itinerary.
Esfahan (Isfahan)
Don't miss the famous Naqsh-e Jahan square, one of the most beautiful squares in the world, but not only. Don't miss the Khaju bridge, the 17th century Bazaar, the mosques and the Armenian quarter. There are so many things to see in Esfahan that you could stay a week without getting bored.
Shiraz is the city that will please you most of all. The Bazaar and the Nasir al-Molk mosque are unmissable as well as Shah Cheragh who is erroneously called the Mirror Mosque because it is not a mosque but a Mausoleum. From Shiraz in a short time you reach Persepolis, the impressive complex of ancient ruins built more than 2500 years ago.
Yazd is the center city of the Zoroastrian religion. Surely not to be missed in Yazd the Water Museum, really interesting, the Towers of Silence and the sunset over the roofs of the city famous for the presence of the Wind Towers (the old system of conditioning the houses). From Yazd during the day take a trip to Chak Chak, to the fascinating abandoned village of Karnaq (and explore it by losing yourself in its houses) and the city of Meybod where you can visit the citadel, the pigeon house, a caravanserai and an Ice House.
If Kerman in itself is nothing special, apart from his Bazaar, it's the best base from which to visit one of the most impressive deserts I've ever seen, the desert Kalut (Dasht-e Lut. in the evening for two reasons: the first is the infernal heat, the second is the sunset on the sand sculptures.

What is the best time to go to Iran?

Iran's climate is continental like Italy. In winter it is stiff and summer is hot. The temperature varies according to height. Generally the best times to visit Iran are from mid-April to early June and from the end of September to early November.

Is Iran a safe country for tourists?

Probably the day you set foot you will feel in the safest country in the world: the Iranians are people of incredible hospitality and when they meet a traveler they treat him more as a precious and important person than as a simple tourist. It is really important for them to try to give foreigners the best opinion about themselves and their country.

Can you organize a trip to Iran in just one month?

It is certainly possible to contact an agency on the web and they will organize everything in record time.

Can you organize a trip to Iran without going to the travel agency?

Certainly it is possible if your trip takes less than a month you can do the visa directly upon arrival at Tehran airport, but you should have a reservation from a hotel in the city where you will arrive.

Is there any nature / trekking itinerary to suggest?

For trekking you can take some ideas from here:

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