Until 1935 Iran was known as Persia

In Iran, among the ancient Persian capitals

Until 1935 Iran was known as Persia, a name that can still be found today in the southern Iranian province of Fars. The Persian territory, a real crossroads between the Arab world, Central Asia and the Middle East, has seen the birth and development of some of the greatest empires in history, such as the Achaemenid one led by Cyrus the Great. Persia had a culture, a language and a religion different from all those of the surrounding regions. This uniqueness can also be found in present-day Iran, where visiting the main Persian capitals really means taking a dip in the past.

The starting point will almost certainly be today's capital, chaotic Tehran until a few centuries ago a modest village. The capital of Iran will welcome you with the Hazadi Tower, one of the symbols of the city, built in 1971 to celebrate the 2500th anniversary of the foundation of the Achaemenid empire. In Tehran you can admire the Golestan complex, a UNESCO heritage site, stroll through the nearby bazaar and visit the city's must-see museums. The National Museum has an excellent archaeological section but the Museum of Carpets and the Museum of Royal Jewels should not be forgotten; really very beautiful.

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