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How to move to Iran?

Beyond what one could imagine, Iran has good infrastructure. The roads are well maintained, there are highways and expressways, there is a valid rail network with day and night trains, and a large network of buses and internal flights. In this section we try to answer the frequently asked questions that may interest you regarding internal travel.

What should I do for domestic travel in Iran?

The buses are really very cheap and high-end in quality.
BUSs are a comfortable and relatively efficient way to get around.

Are there domestic flights to Iran?

There are several domestic flights to the various cities that are convenient, but they are not frequent.

How to move within Iranian cities?

The cities generally travel by bus or taxi. Beware that buses are divided into sections, one for men and one for women.
Taxis are much more comfortable and faster and are still very cheap. You can bargain, but the best thing is to ask the hotel what the prices are for the journey you want to do in order to be able to regulate.

Is there a subway in Iranian cities?

Tehran and the big cities are equipped with an efficient subway with which to move quickly from one part of the city to another.

Can I buy VIP bus tickets online in Iran?

Tickets can be purchased directly at the station and can not be booked online. But there are many, there is no risk of not finding a place.

How is it to travel by train in Iran?

The Iranians travel a lot on the train!

How are the bus connections, there are trips and / or daily connections?

The connections to the main destinations are frequent (even every hour) and on average fast.

In Iran, night buses in general, how long before must be booked? are places easily found?

Night buses can not be booked, you have to buy a ticket at the station. It is advisable to do it the day before.

Can you book the hotel in Iran without a credit card, as international credit cards in Iran do not work?

You can safely book the hotel with a simple request via email without a credit card.

How do I book a hotel in Iran? Or at least the first in Tehran?

At the moment it is not yet possible to do it through booking, the best thing to buy a guide to find hotels or search on google. You can contact them directly by phone or email

Are hotels in Iran equipped with air conditioning?

All tourist hotels in Iran have air conditioning in the room.

Beyond the hotels, is it possible to find hospitality from individuals in Iran?

You can find a lot of hospitality from people or couchsurfing.

Between Garmeh and Dasht-e Lut in Iran, which one is suggested? And how do you get there?

To get to Garmeh it takes the bus (but it is long). To get to Dasht-e Lut it takes either a taxi (40 euros?) Or an agency from Kerman. In any case they are two extremely different deserts, one can never say which one is more beautiful. In any case, there are agencies in Yazd that organize excursions with a night in a tent in the desert.

Can you rent a car in Iran?

You can rent a car safely on arrival at the IKA airport in Tehran. You can also book a car through the Europcar website. But it is better to travel by bus or train or even rent a car with a driver. In addition, the VIP buses that connect the cities are capillary, frequent, very comfortable, very cheap and fast. We recommend those to move between cities.

Can I travel to Iran with the Motorbike?

You can travel in Iran with a motorcycle, with a carnet de passage en douane, a visa and nothing else, in the main cities there are campsites for people traveling with motorbikes.

Are vehicles like taxis and buses safe in Iran?

It is advisable to always use authorized vehicles such as taxis and urban and interurban buses to get around.

Can you turn to a hotel without a reservation in Iran?

You can easily contact the hotels without a reservation and if there are any places available there will be no booking problem.

How do I get from the IKA airport to the city of Tehran?

There is a mteroplitan line from Teheran IKA's airport to get to Tehran.

Is it possible to rent a car in Iran with the driver available for the whole period of stay in Iran?

Travel agencies provide the car with driver for those who request the driver in Iran. But it would be more convenient to travel by public transport

To enter the sites to visit in Iran need to pay the ticket?

To visit the sites you need to buy a ticket but the prices are cheap.
Usually the admission ticket does not exceed 5 euros.

Can you enter Iran by land?

For those who would like to enter Iran by land by bus or by train must be provided with a visa obtained from the consulate of Iran in the country of residence.

Can I transfer Tehran airport to the city by subway?

Qusi all use taxis to reach Tehran or by metro, 1 line that arrives in the center (Golestan palace area).

How are Internal Transport Prices in Iran?

The prices are unbelievably affordable. Buses for routes like Tehran-Tabriz-Isfahan-Yazd, even VIPs, never go beyond € 10. If you double the journey, then Tehran-Shiraz-Kerman, should be around € 12 / € 14.

Can I take a backpacker trip to Iran?

Sure. You can not exactly say how much the hotels cost because there will be various prices. There are some hotels that are nice but not expensive. Obviously, a trip like this must be content with what you find. but surely it will be an unforgettable journey.

Can I travel to Iran from Italy with my own car?

You can travel with your own car in Iran but it must be considered that the practice to enter with its own means of transport in Iran is bureaucratic and expensive, but in the end it is feasible.

can I rent a van with driver / guide in iran for a tour?

Of course, for large groups you can rent a minibus. You can contact some agencies for information on costs that must include fuel, salary and meals for the driver.

Can I travel by bicycle in Iran?

There are no problems but it must be taken into consideration that Iran is a mountainous country and it is difficult to find flat and easily accessible stretches by bicycle. It is possible and even pleasant to ride a bicycle in some cities such as Esfahan, Yazd, Kerman and even Kashan, but frankly it is not relaxing to ride Iran by bicycle

Can we organize the desert excursion to Iran?

It's really worth it. For example the hike in the kalut! Beautiful, arrived by private taxi from kerman.
Excursions are organized in the Dasht-e-Kavir. You can make them in the day starting from Yazd (almost all the hotels organize them) or stay in the desert.

The railways in Iran as they are?

It is a valid alternative to buses and private cars and the question deserves further study.

The official sites of the Iranian railways are:

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