Do I need a tourist visa for Iran?

The tourist visa for Iran

Lately we hear less talk about the Islamic Republic of Iran, probably the reasons of international politics have mitigated its role as a member of the "axis of evil", a definition invented in 2002 by US President Bush, where Iran was in the company of Iraq and North Korea as an enemy of the United States and "sponsor" of international terrorism. Visiting Iran will leave you however amazed, the reality of the country seems in fact to be light years away from how this is normally described on the organs of information. Heir to a thousand-year tradition, the Iranian people are moving in their kindness and hospitality, not to mention that English is widely spoken and spread. A real paradise for tourists, compared to the nearby Central Asian hell. Site for the visa

Can we ask for a tourist visa when we arrive in Iran?
You can ask for a tourist visa valid for one month on arrival (Airport Visa) for Italian citizens upon registration of data on the site. Please note that only for those arriving by air can ask for a visa at the airport by other means (ship or by land) need to ask for the visa before departure
In which airports can a tourist visa be applied for on arrival?
Tourist visas are available at all international airports in Tehran, Shiraz, Mashad and Esfahan after registering the data on the site Please specify the arrival visa valid only for visa touristy and strictly serves the hotel reservation.
What documents do I need to obtain a visa on arrival?
You need travel health insurance, two passport photos, passport valid at least 6 months, a print of an e-mail from the hotel confirming the reservation for one night, round-trip ticket within 30 days, payment of 50 euro at the time of release directly at the airport, registration data on the site. before departure choosing the airport of arrival as the place of withdrawal. Only citizens of the European community can chide the visa At the airport.
How can I apply for a visa before leaving?
First of all, you need to register on the site and choose the consulate (Rome or Milan) Site, after which you can contact the consulate chosen with the necessary documents: Two passport photos, passport, Travel insurance and payment of the cost of visa with ATM (no cash), return ticket and hotel booking.
Having the visa of countries not recognized by Iran in the passport are there any problems to enter Iran?
People who have the visa of countries not officially recognized by the Islamic Republic of Iran in their passport can obtain a Iranian visa and enter Iran * All nationalities may travel to Iran except passport holders of countries not officially recognized by Iran.
The visa for Iran on the passport creates problems in subsequent trips around the world?
No, no problem even for a US visa.
Can I board the flight to Iran without a visa?
From Italy you can leave without a visa and you can ask for it on arrival, but you should be in possession of a hotel reservation. You can send an email to the hotel and ask for an invitation letter to be presented at Tehran airport upon arrival.
Can I go to Iran after a trip to the USA?
the problem currently is the opposite, that is to go to the USA after being in Iran, which is why ESTA is denied.
Can I apply for a visa at the land border from Turkey?
You can not do at the border. To enter Iran by land you need to get a visa before departure.
Having dual citizenship (Italy and the United States). Can I enter with a tourist visa?
Citizens with dual citizenship come and go with the passport they declare so there are no problems.
Can the independent trip be organized without a tour operator?
First of all you need to register on the site
Then make the hotel reservation for the first night of arrival and you can travel and turn independently.
How soon does the code of the invitation letter arrive with which you can go to the consulate for the visa?
Practically comes immediate to be careful to check spam because usually the answer should end up in the spam box with object in Persian so if you see in the spam box a mail with Persian object is not deleted is probably your code.
Do you need the invitation to get a visa?
No, it is not necessary to simply contact the site and register.
Can the visa be extended to Iran?
Usually the tourist visa has a duration of one month but you can also ask for more than a month and not more than three months. The visa in Iran is renewable but it would be advisable to apply for a visa with a longer duration before departure.
Can the Visa payment at Tehran airport be done only in dollars, or also in Euros?
Visa payment at Tehran airport can only be done in dollars.
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