Some questions and answers on the Iranian currency

What is the Iranian currency?

Rial is the official Iranian currency, but you should know that in payments and transactions Toman is used (every 10 Riyal is equal to 1 Toman).

What should be done to change the currency?

The exchange rate is done at the bank or at the Change (Sarafi) counters in large cities, the value of the currency varies continuously. We recommend changing little by little

Do credit and debit cards in Iran work?

Since the credit and debit card circuit in Iran is different from the international circuit so your credit and debit cards do not work in Iran, it is important that you prepare all the budget you will need in Euro or Dollars money before departure.

Is it possible to bring cash in cash and at most what can I bring?

Yes, it is possible. Each passenger can bring with him 5,000 euro at most.
Those wishing to bring a larger sum of 5,000 euros in cash into Iran will have to declare to the customs at the time of arrival

How much money do you bring?

The Iranian currency is the Rial, you can not withdraw with ATM or credit cards and you must bring enough cash for the duration of the trip
What is generally recommended for those who want to organize a trip to Iran is to estimate roughly how much will be spent for expenses that you can not do without, then hotel, food, transportation and entrance to museums and tourist attractions, and then add something more in case of emergencies or if you want to shop in the many bazaars.

ATMs in Iran exist?

ATMs are now available everywhere but they only provide cash with Iranian cards.

For the best change at the airport or in Tehran in the city?

better always to change at the airport only the necessary for the first hours, because generally the exchange rate is unfavorable.

How much is spent in Iran on average for two weeks?

Obviously everything depends on the period, the choice of the Hotel, internal travel and how and where to eat. In the non-peak season for two weeks all inclusive without overdoing it should remain around 1500 euro.

If I have the Iranian currency forward, what do I do?

You can easily turn to the exchang counters scattered around the city and change into euros or dollars but as the value of the currency is constantly changing, you can not expect that you can get what you have changed.

Is it true that tourists both for museum tickets and for the hotel pay in dollars?

No. It is also not true that tourists pay both in hotels and for museum tickets in local currency. Probably the cost for museum revenue for tourists are different however you pay in Rial currency.

Can I trust you to change the street?

Absolutely not. The currency must be changed either at the bank or at the change offices around the city.
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