Feyzyeh Madrasa of Qom

Feyzyeh Madrasa by Qom

La madrasa Feyzyeh (The Feyziye School) of Qom it is located next to the mausoleum of Fatima Masoumeh (S) in the city of Qom (region of the same name). As one of the most well-known theological offices in the world, it is a place for the teaching and education of religious science students that existed since the mid-sixth century of the lunar Hegira and in the first half of the thirteenth century (Lunar Hegira) replaced the "madrasa Astaneh "; in the Safavid era it was renewed and it was in this period that it was known as Feyzyeh.

The current building was built by Fathali Shah in the year 1213 and 1214 (lunar Hegira). In the decade of the 1370 decade (solar Hegira) at the center of this madrasa a basement was built and its library was totally renovated and extended.

The building is at 4 Iwan and on two floors with 40 lower rooms belonging to the qajara era and upper 40 dating back to the fourteenth century of the lunar Hegira. The oldest part of the madrasa is l 'Iwan southern decorated with beautiful inlaid majolica belonging to the Safavid era which is considered the portal of the ancient court of the mausoleum of Fatima Masoumeh.

The portal of entry of this madrasa it has a pointed arch. The portal, the Iwan, and the front of the rooms are decorated with majolica. Even today it has 100 rooms. Among the most recent changes of this complex we can mention the "Sala delle udienze" building under the courtyard and the new library building on the north-east side.

This madrasa very important throughout history it has witnessed numerous political and revolutionary events and has also been the center of meetings, teaching and study of the ulema, mojtahed (those who disclose the divine precepts), of students and teachers of Islamic religious sciences (Shiites).

It has been said that the attribution of his name derives from the fact that Feyz Kāshāni (among the great ones) ulema of the Safavid period and son-in-law of Molla Sadrā Shirāzi) for some time taught or lived here, so this madrasa among the people it is also known as Feyz madrasa.


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