Niasar cave

The Cave of Niasar (Kashan)

The Cave of Niasar was excavated with rudimentary tools about 1800-2000 years ago over the limestone hills overlooking Niasar, probably for ritual and religious purposes. It has the shape of a winding stone tunnel in the heart of Mount Karkas.
The cave includes an intricate underground complex consisting of narrow and long corridors and numerous rooms and wells. Access to its depths is not possible without the use of advanced modern equipment.
The cave of Niasar was built on three levels with the excavation of numerous wells. The length of the corridors and chambers of this labyrinthine cave reaches 500 meters and the surface of the maximum section of its underground passages is less than one square meter but in some places it reaches 100 × 70 cm2. The different levels are connected by a system of 45 wells to the depth of about 118 meters.
This cave has four entrances on the rock face overlooking Niasar and includes two separate sections. The central sector is a complex of seven rooms of variable height excavated in the heart of the mountain and connected by means of numerous wells and underground corridors to the lower levels.
The other section consists of a long corridor with a moderate slope, connected to the wells, which leads into a large hall. In the final part of this section, in the great hall, another large area has been prepared with numerous rooms. Along the way you can see works similar to mill stones (as well as covering the wells), cisterns and canals.
Among the amazing things of this artificial cave is that at no point is there a lack of air and even in the deepest areas ventilation occurs naturally.
The Niasar cave has 20 rooms. The largest room measures 28,6 m2 and the smallest 1,8 m2.
One of the hypotheses on the origin of this cave is that it was a quarry, whose stones were later used for the construction of the Niasar fire time. In the different historical periods the cave has had a military and defense use. Its wells are very dangerous and even lethal for people who do not know the places.

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