Casa Ameri

Casa Āmeri

The Āmeri house was built in the period of the Zand in the Soltān Amir Ahmad district of Kāshān and developed during the qajara era by Sahām Al-Soltane Āmeri.

This complex is composed of three separate houses adjacent and connected to each other both internally and externally and also has some courtyards. In all of these the rule of symmetry on the north, south, east and west side was respected.

The courtyards have howz-khāne (areas covered with a central basin, generally raised, often connected to other rooms), spaces that were used in summer.

The Āmeri house, whose surface is approximately seven thousand square meters, is composed of approximately 85 rooms. It has the highest ventilation tower among those of Kāshān houses.

This building also had a private hammam with spaces reserved for women and men. The stuccos, the muqarnas ("alveoli"), the plaster paintings, the woodwork, the carving and the gereh-chini (decorative reticulated motif) constitute the decorations of this complex.

This house, following the restoration and reconstruction of the internal architecture by Amir Anushfar, an Iranian architect living in France, has been transformed into a tourist residence.

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