Hammam of Amir Ahmad

Hammām Soltān Amir Ahmad

The hammam Soltān Amir Ahmad (Hammam d'Amir Ahmad) with an area of ​​1102 square meters, near the Imāmzādeh Amir Ahmad of Kāshān, was built in the era Qajar. The domed roof of this public bathroom is one of the most beautiful in Iran and above each dome are placed glass panels with convex lenses, which, while providing sufficient light to the different parts of the hammam, prevent the internal view.

The dressing room is octagonal divided by eight columns in two spaces with different use. The space around which the floor is placed at a higher level, consists of eight platforms that were the place where we undressed and sat down to relax.

In the center is an octagonal basin and its high ceiling is decorated with tiles. The part in which you wash has four central columns that divide the space into three parts, of which the two side parts were respectively smaller and each had a tank in the middle.

The walls are decorated with turquoise and gold tiles, stucco work and wall paintings; the limestone processing and the stuccoes of Hammam d'Amir Ahmad present 17 layers of restoration.

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