Sepulcher By Sohrab Sepehri

The mausoleum of Sohrāb Sepehri

The mausoleum of Sohrāb Sepehri, an Iranian poet and painter (1307-1358 solar Egira) is located in the courtyard of the Imāmzādeh Soltān Ali Ben Mohammad Bāgher in the village of Mashhad Ardehāl, at 42 km from the city of Kāshān.
In the beginning in his burial place a turquoise tile was placed later replaced by a white stone on which was engraved a part of the poem "Vāhei dar lahze" (Oasis at a time) of his book "The green volume" by of the calligraph Rezā Māfi.
In the 1384 this stone was damaged and then restored and in the 1387 it was replaced by a black one.

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