Museum of mirrors and lighting

Museum of mirrors and lighting

The museum of mirrors and lighting is located in the city of Yazd (region of the same name) and its construction dates back to the year 1320 of the solar Hegira with the use of a private hostel; in the year 1377 (solar Egira) it was used as a museum.

The historic museum building (palace of mirrors), located in a large garden with a large swimming pool in the center, features a style that is a synthesis of traditional and European architecture.

This museum has several rooms: it shāhneshin , khowzkhane with a stone tub in the center. In all the rooms there are remarkable stucco decorations and paintings on the walls and ceiling and in some parts the mirrored mosaic tiles.

The windows are cross-linked with polychrome glass and wooden doors. This museum displays a collection of ancient manuscripts, books, coins, weapons and some bronze objects from Lorestan.

The various types of mirrors, the oil lamps, those to be mounted, suspended, floor and hand, the various types of candelabra, to be mounted and hand, the oil, gas and electric burners and matches are other artifacts shown here . The oldest objects are oil lamps belonging to the Sassanian era.

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