Aghazadeh historic house

Aghazadeh historic house

The Aghazadehsi house located in the city of Abarkuh (Yazd region) and its construction dates back to the early qajara. This two-storey house covering an area of ​​820 square meters, has an entrance portal and a corridor, a central courtyard with a large stone basin, rooms and various rooms, a two-storey wind catcher tower 18 meters high with an area of ​​18 square meters and 19 openings to regulate the air flow (one of the original and beautiful towers of Abarkuh), an octagonal kolāh farhangi palace (with the hat-shaped end) in Iranian and European architectural style and a basement with hand-carved architecture.

Local materials such as adobe and brick were used for the construction of the building, wood for the decorations of the house, doors and windows, while plaster was used for stucco work.

In Iran banknotes were printed with the image of the facade of this historic home. Five houses named Hosseini Dust, Musavi, Gabri, Seyed Ali Āghā, Āghāzādeh located in an alley in Abarkuk, constitute a historical complex and the Seyed Ali Āghā house is next to that Āghāzādeh and they are connected to each other through the Sabat (covered corridor built on the alleys and passages).

Today these houses are also used as traditional residences.

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