Temple of Fire Chak Chak

Temple of Fire Chak Chak

The Chak Chak shrine or temple of fire is located in the district of Kharānaq, in the city of Ardakān (Yazd region). The construction and maintenance of this complex is due to the Zoroastrians inside and outside the country.

The temple of fire Chak Chak or "ChakChaku" which is one of the important pilgrimage sites of the Zoroastrians from which it is also called "Pir-e Sabz", is located in the mountains between Ardakān and Anjireh.

It includes a courtyard, a set of buildings and the building of the fire temple that was built in steps on five floors not aligned so that the roof of each floor is the courtyard of the upper floor.

To enter the temple it is necessary to climb many steps. Access is a golden metal door with an image of an Achaemenid soldier with a spear in his hand. The covered environment of the sanctuary is a small building with a stone ceiling with a chandelier in the center.

Inside there is an ancient trunk of plane tree. The floor is covered with marble and part of the stone ceiling of the drops of water fall on the floor - probably the attribution of the name to the place is due to this reason - which are collected in some containers to offer as a blessing to the pilgrims.

At the center of the temple is a fireplace whose flames must never be extinguished and there is also a place to burn incense or sacred wood. The small area of ​​the sanctuary was embellished with images of the great protagonists of the Zoroastrian religion.

In one of the rooms of this building there is a deep well over 50 meters and the Zoroastrians believe that by tying a string to the rope of it their wishes will be fulfilled. In the outer area of ​​the temple there are also other buildings that are used as accommodation and to accommodate pilgrims.

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