Haj Kazem Rasulian House

Haj Kazem Rasulian House

The Haj Kazem Rasulian House is located in the historical center of Yazd (region of the same name) and the history of the building dates back to the year 1283 of the solar Hegira (qajaro period).

This ancient building, which is part of the complex of historic houses of the city of Yazd, from an architectural point of view, is a very special building and currently houses the faculty of architecture and urban planning of Yazd, one of the most beautiful universities in Iran.

This house consists of two parts, external and internal; the external courtyard was the place where the guests were received and where religious ceremonies were held, and a large room with sash windows with polychrome glass, the house basin, the tālār (porch supported by slender wooden columns), the basement and the bādgir or wind catcher tower constitute the main spaces of the external part of the house.

The inner courtyard, which is the private part of the house, consists of rooms if you give, (characterized by three large adjoining windows), panj dari (characterized by five large adjoining windows) from those with sash windows, from Talar, from kalāh farhangi (small room located at the center used for rest) and from the wind catch tower, and a large courtyard together with a large pool is located in the center of it.

In this house is the mausoleum of the father of Iranian architecture, the teacher Mohammad Karim Pirniā (researcher, writer, theorist and university professor of architecture (1299-1376 Egira sun).

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