Caravanserai along the roads between esfahan and yazd

Caravanserais along the roads between esfahan and yazd

From Abarqu in the direction of Esfandarun (in the region of Esfahan) there is an old caravan road now abandoned, crossed only occasionally by camel drivers carrying coal and wood. Along this road there are still traces of two ancient caravanserai.

Il first caravanserai It is located at 30 km from the village of Tizak and at 42 km from the town of Abarqu. The stone building and plaster mortar measures 19 × 19 meters and each of its sides has 4 domed rooms; one of the arches on the eastern side forms the entrance to the caravanserai.

Il second caravanserai it is located at 6 km away from the first and is known as "rebat Shahneshin". The building, in stone, measures 30 × 30 meters with high walls 3 meters; the entrance is on the northern side. The caravanserai has a cistern in the middle, three semi-covered tribunes between the east, south and west sides and four towers at the four corners.

Near the caravanserai is an apparently older stone building, which includes a grandstand in the middle and a room covered by a stone dome.

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