Caravanserai zaynoddin

Zandoddin Caravanserai

Zaynoddin's caravanserai is located at km 60 of the current road between Yazd and Kerman. It has a circular shape with five towers, according to a pattern not very common among the Iranian caravanserais. The building is brick. The rooms, the stands for the rest of the travelers, the royal room, the stable for the camels and the wind tower constitute the interior spaces of the caravanserai that have been restored in recent years. The figures 1, 5 and 12 have been taken into consideration in the architectural design of the Zaynoddin caravanserai spaces, figures that in the Shiite doctrine enjoy great veneration and holiness. A chaparkhane (post station), a small spring and a tree-lined space surround the caravanserai. In view of the excellent location and adequate quality of the building, plans have been prepared to transform it into a modern hotel.
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