Strait Vashi

tight Vashi (Tangeh Vashi)

The Vashi Strait is a place of tourist attraction located near the village Jalizjand on the road to Firouzkuh (Tehran region). This strait, also called Sāvāshi (in the dialect of northern Iran with the meaning of grass and meadow), includes two straits: “Vashi” and “Sā”; at the end of the latter there is a 15 meter high waterfall whose pedestrian path is known.

The Vashi strait, in addition to the lush nature, has many historical testimonies as one of three famous epigraphs of the time Qajar (the other two are in Cheshme Ali in the city of Rey and the epigraph depicting the Shah behind the Vānā tunnel on the road to Herāz); the three inscriptions were all sculpted at the behest of Fathali Shah qajaro.

The one located in the Savāshi strait measures 6 meters for 7 and all around it episodes from the era of Fathali Shah are told. The largest bas-relief of these inscriptions is that of the place of the hunt with the image of the horse, the spear and the preys and around it you can see the sons and grandsons of Fathali Shah intent on hunting.

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