Museum of Decorative Arts in Tehran

This museum, located in the province of Tehran in Karimkhan Zand street, was built in the year 1958. Although a small part of the historical and artistic works collected in this museum are very ancient, most of the objects are made up of works of art. from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century.

The museum building has four floors and the works on display are as follows:
- ground floor: permanent exhibition of works of the marble palace museum; collection of inlay and carving and khātamkāri in the form of tables, chairs, wardrobes and shop windows.
-first floor: traditional Iranian sewn fabrics and artifacts: brocade, velvet, termeh, qalamkār, qālicheh, kilim and jājim (types of mats), seam with needle and other variants of it.
second floor: includes five sections: 1-Khātam, types of mirror frames, boxes, lecterns, pen holders etc...2-inlay: types of boxes, mirror frames, combs, kashkul (saddlebags used by dervishes) and engravings. 3-oil paintings: collection of pen holders, covers, picture frames, boxes, etc ... 4-metal: various ornaments and military appliances. 5-glass: various types of glass
- Third floor: various paintings and miniatures of the schools of Herāt, Tabriz, Shirāz, Esfahān and Qazvin and works of calligraphy.



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