Naqqare Khane tower

Naghāreh khāneh tower

The Naghāreh khāneh tower or Yazid tower is located in the north of Amin Ābād in the city of Rey, at the foot of Mount Naghāreh khāneh or Mount Tabrak. This brick tower whose height reaches 3 meters, was built about 1000 years ago by a person named "Bozorg Omid" or "Bozorjumie" for personal use.

According to some researchers it is possible that this place was the mausoleum of one of the Seljuk kings or the typical Zoroastrian cemetery. This building, which is believed to date back to the period of the dynasty of the gods Buyidi, was built from the remnants of stone and stucco and brick decorations were used in its facade.

This architectural work that initially had a dome with two covers has eight sides that give it beauty and stability. Under the tower there is a crypt which, through a corridor, gives access to the outside of the building.

Considering that this tower was built on a strategic point, in the past it was also called "dide sepāh sālārān"; a building that was still standing up until the qajaro period, but today only remains of it remain.

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