Sanctuary of Emamzade Davud

Imamzadeh Davood

At a distance of 25 km northwest of the city of Tehrān is the beautiful sanctuary called Imāmzādeh Dāvood which is the burial place of Sharf Al-Din Dāvood, Ben Emādoldin Yakhia, one of the sons of the Prophet of Islam (S ) and the generation of the eleventh Imam Mojtaba (A).

The Imamazadh building, which was built according to the original model of the buildings of Iran's mausoleums, used to be a stone building with a courtyard and shallow arches around the sanctuary, with a green dome and a little iwān.

The original building of this Imāmzādeh that was built in the Safavid period, years ago due to the flood was destroyed and the current building which consists of a dome with a sharp point with two golddasteh, later replaced the original one.

The present octagonal sanctuary and the basement below which is the burial site of the Imamzadh, was built in the period of Fath Ali Shāh Qājār in place of the ancient building.
The Imāmzādeh Dāvood is known for its way up the mountain, for the fresh air, its sloping roofs, its prayer writers, the traditional bazaars, the hostels and the traders walking around it for several generations of Iranians, especially the inhabitants of old Tehran, have beautiful and unrepeatable memories.

The shrine of the Imāmzādeh Dāvood, from the time of the qajari has become one of the habits of the inhabitants of Tehrān; journey and pilgrimage which was also one of the votive customs spread in the old Tehrān.

Around and in the adjacent valleys, to the west and southwest, in the villages of Randān and Sangān are located the mausoleums Imāmzādeh Emādoldin, father of the Imāmzādeh Dāvood and the Imāmzādeh Alāeddin, Ghāsem and Aqil, brothers of this Imāmzādeh.

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