Sanctuary of Abd-ol-Azim

Shah Adbolazim Shrine

The Shah Abdolazim shrine is the mausoleum of Abulghāsem Abdolazim Hasani, one of the sons of the Prophet of Islam (S), of the generation of Imam Mojtaba (A) and prominent personalities in science. It is located in the city of Rey, not far from the southern area of ​​Tehrān.

This mausoleum that dates back to the ilkhanide-safavid-qajar period is considered one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in Iran.

The building of the sanctuary in the lower section is quadrangular and on the top of the four sides there are four oblique arches; the upper section is octagonal in shape and above it becomes 16 sides; in this way a space was created for the creation of a golden dome cover. The interior of the sanctuary is decorated with mirrors.

The sacred threshold of Hazrat-e Abdolazim (A) at the beginning included the building of the sanctuary, that is the main and central section of it and gradually over the centuries around it other buildings were annexed and built giving life to the great today's complex that includes sanctuaries, arcades, a mosque, porticoes, courtyards and other works connected and linked to that as well as two other mausoleums, namely the Imāmzādeh Hamzeh (A) and the Imāmzādeh Tāher (A) which are in this same complex .

In addition, many famous Iranians were buried next to the mausoleum and the arcades around, usually in the garden Tuti (parrots).

Among the attractions around the sanctuary is the ancient bazaar of Rey, north of the Shāh Abdolazim mausoleum; this place since the past was one of the spice sales centers, traditional medicines and goods that entered Rey through traders through the Silk Road. This bazaar has a structure made of stucco, brick, mud bricks and belongs to the Safavid period.

The Hazrat-e Abdolazim (A) sanctuary and the city of Rey evoke pleasant and unpleasant memories in Iranian events accompanied by events and numerous social-political changes a century ago.

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