Ahmad Shahi Palace

Ahmad Shahi Palace

The Ahmad Shahi palace which is located in the historical-cultural complex of Niāvarān, was built in the last qajaro period as the summer residence of Ahmad Shāh in the garden of Niāvarān on an area of ​​over 800 square meters, has two floors and a sloping ceiling .

Among the particular features of this building are the decorations and the brickwork of the façade that is present in the entire external façade. The bricks are of the type engraved in the mold with various designs of yellow cecium.
The Ahmad Shāhi palace was restored in the second Pahlavi period and underwent changes, the interior furnishings were totally changed to be used as a place of work and residence of Rezā Pahlavi.

The second floor of the building consists of a central hall and an iwān all around the four sides. On the four sides of the central hall that was used as a music room, a wooden display shelf was placed.

All around the iwān are six columns with a thick square profile with a brick facade on the surface and 26 circular columns with a stucco façade. The design of the lion and the stuccoed sun stands out above the front wall of the north wing of the iwān.

After the revolution, during the maintenance and restoration of this building, the lower part of its walls was repaired. In 1375 the bathroom and the kitchen of the building have changed their function and have been used as a place for the exposition of the qajari documents (by Ahmad Shāh).

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