Palace of Saltanat Abad

Saltanat Abad Palace

The Saltanat Abad palace located in the area of ​​Shemirān in Tehran was built in the 1265 of the solar Hegira by the will of Nasreddin Shāh in the largest garden of his summer residence and enjoys views on all four sides.

The architecture, the style of the building and the stucco decorations of this complex represent the art of the qajaro period.

At the beginning this complex consisted of a multi-storey building, a large swimming pool, a beautiful pool with a decorated muqarnas arch and stuccoed walls, an exterior building, interior palaces, a tea room, a tower with more floors etc..and some rooms were adoring with tiles, stucco work, mirrors and there were precious collections of beautiful butterflies in particular frames and more than two hundred kinds of stuffed colorful birds and kept in crystal cases.

Of this complex that was once a military armament factory, there is a two-story building with a large vestibule, a tub decorated with stucco work and a four-storey tower and now belongs to the Ministry of Defense.
This complex has witnessed important historical events such as the coronation of Ahmad Shāh etc.

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