Tochal Mountains and Skiing Facilities

Tochal Mountains and Skiing Facilities

The southern slopes of the Alborz mountain range are famous as the Tochal Mountains.

These represent the main destination of Tehran's mountaineers and sportsmen. The summit of Mount Kalak Chal is high 3350 meters and its shelters are Kalak Chal, Sharvin, Shirpala, Tochal, Espid Kamar and Palang Chal. Climbing to the top is possible from the trails of Jamshidiye, Golab Darre, Bagh-e Afshar and the Vazbad valley. In the relatively equipped shelter of Shirpala it is possible to stay overnight. It takes about three hours to reach the top of Tochal.

This lodge offers beds, dining room, buffet, running water and electricity. The path leading to the Palang Chal refuge is located on a cliff and in the summer it takes about five hours to walk.

Other ski runs include the Darbandsar plant in the north-east of Tehran, the Khor plant on the Karaj-Chalus road and the Dizin ski slope on the Chalus road.

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