Lake of the Latiān dam

Lake of the Latian dam

The lake of the Latian dam, more than half a century old, on the Jājerud River which is located at 10 km north-east of Tehrān and south of the city of Lavāsān, is one of the main sources of water supply for Tehrān and energy production electricity.
Today this beautiful lake full of fish is one of the tourist attractions of the city in the area of ​​Lavāsānāt, has an ideal climate, is surrounded by two forests called Latiān and Talu and has always been and is still interesting for naturalists and nature lovers .
Among the recreational activities of this place there is the boat ride, water skiing and fishing. However, due to the fact that this area is among the attractions of ecotourism and geotourism, let's not forget to enjoy the magnificent nature surrounding the Jājerud river, the waterfall and the villages around it, the variety of plants and animals, unparalleled landscapes and attractions of geological phenomena.

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