Citadel of the Cinema

Television Citadel of Iranian Cinema (Citadel of Ghazāli Cinema). Cinecittà

The television citadel of Iranian cinema (formerly the citadel of Ghazāli cinema) was built in the year 1358 west of Tehrān on a project and proposal by Ali Hātami, a deceased Iranian director and with the collaboration of Cinecittà specialists and designers as the best memory of this poet of Iranian cinema.

In these spaces the reconstructions of the streets and buildings relating to Iranian films and television series have been created and preserved.

The locations of this citadel, which have expanded over time, can be divided into three parts: 1-the complex of furnishings and buildings from the pre-Islamic period, such as the reconstruction of the city of Jerusalem, Philadelphia year 270 aC 2-complex of furnishings and buildings of the post-Islamic period as the city of Kufa with Arab architecture. 3-complex of furnishings and buildings of the contemporary period such as the locations "Lalezār", "the small bazaar Khāni Ābād", "Kalā'e Pahlavi", "The ancient land", "Tabriz in the mist", "Like the cypress "," Grand Hotel ", the shed of the municipality, etc ... with the architecture of the contemporary period.

Almost all the furnishings of the contemporary period of this citadel that really existed in the old Tehrān, are related to the Pahlavi period. Some of these places are: square of the artillery, the building of the municipality, the judiciary, via Lalezār, via Ecbātān, Ghāzāryān jewelry, Grand Hotel, Shāh Abād building, Café Pārs Antica Tehran, Tābān cinema building and in addition to the facades of the old Tehran, we tried to show the facades of Bāshtin and Sabzevār.

The Grand Hotel has now been transformed into an accommodation complex of the same name and has hosted parties, receptions, and various seminars becoming a recreational-tourist center and a place to see the locations of memorable films of Iranian cinema and television and to admire the popular actors and the method of film production.
If you want to take a trip into the past, in pre and post Islamic environments and in old Tehran, surely you have to visit this citadel of cinema.

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