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Tehran- Ponte Tabia't

Tehran's Tabi'at Bridge is a three-story pedestrian bridge along 270 meters, with an area of ​​795 square meters in the Abbās Ābād area of ​​Tehrān which was built on the Modarres highway and links the Taleghāni park to the east and the park "Āb va ātash" west of this highway.
Leilā Araqiān and Alirezā Behzādi of the "DIBA Tensile Architecture Group" designed this bridge in the 1388. Its construction began at the end of the 1389 and was inaugurated in the 1393.
The designers, revolutionizing the historical use of the bridge, or a space to pass from one point to another, have designed a bridge that "was a space to stay".
To make this possible, this bridge was designed in the form of a combination of some arches that, at the entrance and exit, divides into various paths and joins the green space of the two edges of the highway in the entire north-south section.
An architectural space used by man on the one hand and the minimum conservation of the green space and the trees on the two edges of the bridge on the other; two important peculiarities present in the design of this bridge.
The Tabi'at bridge is a three-dimensional dynamic metal structure with a trussed truss on two levels that is supported on three tree-shaped columns and at the point of the columns its height increases and reaches three floors. The steel element of this bridge weighs 2000 tons, is 270 meters long and 13-16 wide and has a height of 40 meters. The largest opening is 90 meters and the smallest of 20.
This structure resists the earthquake with the highest intensity of 7 grades of the Richter scale. Its area is 7000 square meters (1-3 plans in order: 1450, 2870 and 571 square meters), of which 730 sqm of green space, 480 reserved for cafes and restaurants and 5100 square meters of its level with wooden flooring, It has made up a space suitable for walking.
The Tabi'at bridge, in addition to having received awards such as the architecture of Aqakhān (2016), the architectural award of Asia in Turkey (1394), the IPMA silver award for the project management in Panama (1394), the MEIDAA award in the section of the public and urban projects of the Middle East in the United Arab Emirates (1394), was also among the 5 best choices of 300 world-class architects in the competition of urban architecture Architizer A + awards in the United States America (2015) .

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